How our pricing works

Jonathan Kennedy
Mar 13, 2024

Welcome to AppStoreResearch! Within our platform, we’re offering the possibility of booking participants for 1:1 user research interviews - over video calls, most commonly Zoom calls. We will have other research methods in the future.

In this article we’ll cover pricing on 1:1 user research interviews.

  • What does payment include?

  • When do I pay?

  • How to save on admin fee?

  • Custom needs

What does payment include?

The first thing to note is that your payment includes a recruitment fee and an incentive for participants' time.


As a researcher, you’d offer an incentive to participants for their time. The minimum incentive is $85 per call, no maximum. 

The incentive doesn't include recruitment fee.

Higher incentive amounts attract higher quality participants and fill project spots at a faster rate. Researchers only pay for successful calls.

Incentives are paid after a call is completed.

Learn the process in case of not a fit, canceled, or no-show calls.

Recruitment fee

Recruitment fee (or recruitment credit) is the payment made to the platform for the chance to easily discover and connect with vetted Shopify merchants. 1 recruitment credit equals 1 completed call.

How much you pay for recruitment credit and when you make the payment depends on your plan - Pay as you go, Pro, or Plus.

►Pay as you go

Recruitment credit price  $55.

When you pay – after completed calls together with incentive.

You don't pay anything before call is completed.


The Pro plan includes 15 recruitment credits. One call costs 1 recruitment credit + the incentive. This is paid together after every completed call.
If you use these 15 credits up within the 3 months (quarter) every additional credit you use after that will be $40 each.

$250 / month 
$750 billed quarterly

15 recruitment credits ($825 value)
$40 per additional credit (lock-in savings!)

When you pay - when you buy a subscription.
Incentive is paid after the completed call.


On the Plus plan, 36 credits are included. If these 36 are used up within the 3 months every additional credit would be $30 each.

$450 / month
$1350 billed quarterly

36 recruitment credits ($1980 value)
$30 per additional credit (lock-in savings!)

When you pay - when you buy a subscription.
Incentive is paid after the completed call.

⭐️ Our Pro and Plus plans also unlock a few more features like the participant database to browse, save and send invitations (instead of waiting for applications).


For example, your recruitment fee on Pay as you go plan is $55 and you offer incentive $100, the total cost for a call with a participant is $155. 

Remember, projects should have a minimum of 5 calls. 

How to save on recruitment credits?

If you do regular or continuous research, our subscription plans Pro and Plus offer cost savings on recruitment fees, the option to browse participants profiles, the use of advanced data filters and the ability to invite participants to your projects.

You can start with Pay as you go and upgrade to subscription and save on further recruitment credits.

Custom needs

If you're unsure about having the right candidates for your research or worried about the volume, feel free to reach out and discuss your needs. We're here to talk about any custom requirements you have.

If you're into very niche research and need to target a specific audience, we've got you covered with recruitment services. Please share your requirements for your ideal participant, and we will do our best to recruit them, even if we currently do not have such candidates on our platform (which is unlikely).

Need a lot of participants? We've got you covered with higher volumes at great rates, tailored to your research needs. Looking for 20-50 participants monthly? We offer discounts on recruitment fees and personalized plans. For custom recruitment, fees start at $150 per participant. Get in touch to chat about your requirements.

If you have any questions or need assistance with our services, please feel free to reach out to us at We are always here to help and provide support whenever you need it.