Cancellation of the interview

Jonathan Kennedy
Mar 13, 2024

If you're unable to make the scheduled call, ensure to notify the participant in advance if a research interview must be postponed or rescheduled. It's considered good practice to provide this notification at least 1 hour before the agreed time or within a reasonable timeframe (1 business day).

If a you cancel a research interview less an hour before or don't show up, AppStoreResearch reserves the right to charge a cancellation fee. This fee could be the same as the incentive payment for the Interview plus the recruitment credit for the participant's recruitment.

As a researcher, if you make every effort to reschedule a call with a participant in advance (at least 1 business day but no less than 1 hour before the event), but the participant fails to agree or respond promptly, you have the right to cancel the interview without incurring any fee or obligation to the participant.

If a researcher cancels an interview with less than a full business day's notice without attempting to reschedule, AppStoreResearch reserves the right to levy a cancellation fee. This fee will match the incentive payment initially proposed for the interview and will be awarded to the participant.

If a researcher cancels a research interview, or the participant doesn't show up, or the service isn't satisfactory and the interview isn't deemed successful, no prepaid credits will be refunded by AppStoreResearch. However, AppStoreResearch will replace a failed participant with another one in the same recruitment credit slot to compensate the researcher.

If the interview gets canceled less than 1 business day before but both parties agree, no cancellation fee is charged.

It's also the Participant's responsibility to let the researcher know about canceling a research interview or ask to reschedule at least 1 hour before the event and within a reasonable time (1 business day).