Reasons for your credit card declining

Jonathan Kennedy
Mar 13, 2024

Credit cards may get declined due to various reasons, and AppStoreResearch is typically not informed of the specific cause.

Common issues for a Gateway Error:

- Insufficient funds: Your credit card may have reached its limit, or the available balance is not enough to cover the transaction.

- Expired or inactive card: If your credit card has expired or is inactive, it will be declined.

- Incorrect information: Make sure you have entered all the required information correctly, including the name on the card, expiration date, and security code.

- Security concerns: Some banks or credit card companies may block transactions if they suspect fraudulent activity. Contact your bank to resolve any security concerns that may be causing your credit card to be declined.

- International transactions: If you are making a purchase from another country or using a foreign currency, your bank may decline the transaction due to possible fraud.

Get in touch with your bank or card issuer if you encounter an error message during payment. Inform them of the transaction amount and timing to facilitate approval of the charge.