Is it possible to target users of specific apps and tools in their Shopify store?

Jonathan Kennedy
Mar 13, 2024

You can list all the apps and tools when creating your project. Make sure to list all the important tools that are critical for your research. That might be apps of your competitors or specific tools used by your target audience.

Participants who wish to apply to your research need to review all requirements, including the app stack mentioned. If they feel aligned, they can proceed to apply to your project. You can then view the participant profile to see the app stack they provided.

Participants may have shared reviews of their apps, which can be viewed in their profiles.

This way, you can get a better understanding of how your participants are using these apps and tools in relation to their pain points. It will also help you identify any gaps or areas for improvement in their current processes.

Please take note that if the app experience is a critical aspect of your research, be sure to include it in your Screener questions. Screener questions are added during project creation in step 3. This will help you determine if someone has experience with the app or not. For more information on how to effectively prepare screener questions, you can read here.