How to create a project

Jonathan Kennedy
Mar 13, 2024

Hello and welcome to our project creation tutorial! After registering on our website, you'll land on the main dashboard. Let me guide you through the process.

1. Creating a Project

To start, click on the "Create Project" button. Fill in all the necessary details. This information is crucial for filtering and finding the best-fit participants. TIP: Utilizing screening questions will assist you in making the most precise selection from all applications.

Make sure to fill in this question carefully. This will help you target the audience you want to invite to your research. Use screening questions to dig deeper and eliminate participants who don't qualify for your research.

2. Subscription Options

If you've chosen a subscription plan, you gain access to the "Participants" tab. This feature allows you to pre-select participants based on your project criteria and send out invitations to join your project. Note that this option isn't available with the Pay-as-you-go plan.

3. Approval Process

Once you've created a project, it goes through an approval process by our admin. Once it's approved, your project's status will change from Pending to In Progress. This step ensures that no important details are missed. After approval, your project becomes visible to participants, and they can start applying.

4. Reviewing Applicants

To check the applicants, navigate to your project details, there you will see all existing applications and click on a participant's name to learn more about them. You'll see details such as skills, app stack, and other relevant information such as answers to screening questions and reviews from other researchers.

5. Accepting Participants

If you find a suitable participant, click "Accept." Automatically, messages will be generated, and the participant will receive an invitation to book a call.

6. Communication

Utilize the chat feature to communicate with participants. If you have any questions or need further clarification, this is the space to interact.

7. Participant Status

Applied – when someone expresses interest and applies to your research.

Accepted – for individuals who have been approved as a good fit.

Waiting for payment – this status is for participants who have had a call and are awaiting payment release.

That's it! Enjoy your research! Watch this short video.