How to Apply to a project

Jonathan Kennedy
Mar 13, 2024

How to submit a research application? Navigate to the "Available Projects" tab and select the one that piques your interest to access detailed information and participant requirements. If you think you're a good fit for the research, go ahead and click "Apply". After that, an auto-generated message will be sent in the chat. Feel free to use the chat to ask any questions to the researcher.

The researcher will decide on your application in the next few days, so just be aware that it might take a bit of time. If you get accepted, you can schedule a call using their Calendly link, which will only be accessible post-acceptance. If your application is declined, no worries! It simply means that the researcher felt you might not be the exact audience they're targeting for this research. To avoid this, ensure your profile is detailed - bio, app stack, reviews, photo, every little thing counts! Apply to projects you feel are a good fit and be honest about your experience.

After the call is completed and researcher confirmed it you will receive your incentive.

Note, our policy includes a 10% admin fee plus PayPal fees for each payout, which explains the discrepancy from what you see on the platform. We're considering offering discounts on admin fees for active participants (T&C clause number 5.4), so stay engaged with more research projects for potential benefits.

Click on "Payouts" to see the payments in your balance for conducted interviews. If you want to transfer the payout from your balance to your PayPal or Stripe, click "Request Payout". Please note that payouts take 24-28 hours to process.