General information about targeting and recruiting

Jonathan Kennedy
Mar 13, 2024

To recruit participants for your Shopify-related research, simply Create a project.

When creating a study or survey, it's important to define the target audience for your research. This helps ensure that you gather accurate and relevant data to inform your findings. In order to do so, there are certain characteristics or traits that can assist in recruiting participants.

When creating your project, you'll need to provide audience requirements, such as role, tools used, type of company, B2B/DTC/both, shop category, country of business residence, Shopify plan, monthly revenue range, average number of orders per month, number of products sold (without variants), average order value, size of team, and other prerequisites (optional). Following that, you'll be prompted to add screener questions if needed.

To access the participants list along with their information, a Pro or Plus subscription plan is required. To invite them to your project, simply create the project first and then start inviting participants. You can use all the above filters to find the perfect match.

The participant list is updated weekly, and we're consistently adding more merchants so you'll always have plenty to choose from.

Learn more about audience filters:

  • Role

  • Tools Used

  • Type of Company

  • Participants who work at companies that sell to businesses (B2B), consumers (DTC) or both.

  • Shop category

  • Country of business residence

  • Shopify plan

  • Monthly revenue range

  • Average number of orders per month

  • Number of products sale (without variants)

  • Average order value

  • Size of team