Dec 6, 2024

Dec 6, 2024

Dec 6, 2024

How to write a great research project pitch

The "Project title" and "Description" are visible to all potential participants in our network before they apply to participate.

These two sections are important to get right in order to attract the best possible participants for your project. Once the participant can identify themself within your project description and pre-requisites, the can take your screener.

The secret to writing a good "Project Title" and "Pitch" is ensuring your text is:

- Descriptive
- Appealing
- Concise

What does 'descriptive' mean?

A great Project title tells the audience in 6 words or less who you are looking for. If it is "Marketers who lead growth at Health brands’‘ call the project "Marketers who lead growth at Health brands"! Do not use jargon that no one outside of your organization will understand. No need to write about the incentive in the title either.

A great Pitch includes who you are looking for and why you are looking for them. People want to know what the purpose of the research is, and if they have a chance of qualifying for the study before they spend their time applying and answering your screener questions. It’s also recommended to add your timezone since this may affect a participants ability to book a reasonable call time after being accepted as a participant.

Keep reading, there are examples below.

What does 'appealing' mean?

Think about the project title and description as an advertisement (it’s why it’s called a pitch’‘— Participants love to hear that they will have an impact upon "a product that we hope will be game-changing for marketing teams at eCommerce brands’‘ or a "sneak peek into the latest conversion optimization software". Spruce it up!

What does 'concise' mean?

There is such a thing as too much information. Keep the description catchy and don't give away what the qualifying responses are! You may also want to hold back on some details of your solution or your research objective to avoid influencing their answers to your interview questions once you get them on a call.

What not to write in the project description?

Do not include outbound links to your website, your app, your Linkedin or other social accounts. Do not try to pitch the participants on why your app is good or useful. You will be conducting a research interview - it's best to let them know the general topic of discussion and how it will relate back to their role/experience, but keep some level of mystery.

Examples of successful pitches: "Project titles" and "Descriptions"

Project Title: Seeking accountants at +$5M/year brands

Project Description: We are an established financial Saas company that would like to receive feedback from people who work at brands using Shopify, generating $5M/year, and based in the US. Your feedback will help us develop the next generation of cash flow management software!

Project Title: Seeking Shopify agency owners based in the UK

Project Description: Are you an agency owner based in the UK with a global client list. Are you considering how to streamline your hiring processes to help you find qualified eCommerce talent offshore? We want to talk to you about your plans and the options you’re considering!

Project Title: Calling all Customer support managers at beauty brands

Project Description: We are a well-established customer service app focused on improving how brands on Shopify deliver customer support, we’re considering some new services and features aimed at managers in your role. We’d like to talk with you about your priorities and challenges, to explore whether we’re on the right track.

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Create your very first research
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